Balanced Bellona is a lifestyle and mommy blog about making the most of life by balancing all parts of it. Most specifically balancing taking care of health and well being while not letting any health conditions be your identity or taking over your life.

Here you will find uplifting posts, you’ll learn more ways to make the best of your life, and you’ll see some struggles that we might not all have to deal with, but can all learn from.

You’ll also find parenting adventures and insights from someone with a different approach to life. After years of chronic pain and health issues, you learn to be creative and learn the importance of balance in your life.

My name is Windy and I have had chronic pain and endometriosis since I was 15. My illness kept me from having a full-time job or getting my college degree, but it hasn’t stopped me from living life. My life looks different than others, and I have to slow down more than most. All of my life is affected by my conditions but they do not control me. I’m determined to live a full life and not let it be all about my illnesses.

My hope is that through this blog, we will all learn to balance our lives a little better. Let’s celebrate each part of life, the struggles, responsibilities, and the passions.

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